Month: September 2016

Where it all began…in a hot, steamy pool full of life’s big questions

I’m here chilling out with an iced mocha while a flourish of rainbow-clad pride festival-goers orders coffee and sweets on their way to a day-time street dance. This is my home for a week, a tiny island I’ve retreated to, where it’s easier to find an honour-system produce stand on the side of the road than a phone signal. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s a good place to press “publish” on Own Up Grown-Up. I’m jacked-up on the divine combination of caffeine and chocolate, and of finally launching this thing that has been brewing in my head for years. But...

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The Own Up Grown-Up Manifesto

  Take responsibility for your life. When something’s not right, take matters into your own hands. Bit-by-bit you’ll make a difference. No one else will do this for you. Question everything. Critical thinking requires asking hard questions. Be relentless in your search for authenticity and call out fakers. Make smart choices. Everything you do impacts other people. Weigh pros and cons. Do your research. And be flexible—few things, if any, in this life are set in stone. Laugh. At yourself, the world…government. Humour helps us talk about the hard stuff. Find light in dark places and stop taking yourself so seriously! You want...

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