Month: April 2017

Creativity can pay the bills if you’re strategic, with Megan Close Zavala

Are you really somewhere totally different than you thought you would be? It helps to look back at your past to understand your present situation. You probably didn’t know what was possible back then, but you planted a seed that grew leaves in different directions toward the very flower you are today. Megan Close Zavala is a book coach who’s always loved books. She never knew she’d end up in the publishing industry, but a series of coincidences helped her find her sweet spot, helping writers get their gifts and big ideas published. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or trying to...

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Communication is a dance with Jay Holman

Forget perfect. We’re not looking for black and white, we’re not looking for the script…with me everything’s based on improv comedy, the whole Yes-And philosophy.” Meet Jay Holman, music and dance instructor who believes in deliberate living, love, and leaving people better than he found them. Most of us struggle with communication skills. We believe our partners are mind-readers or that people just don’t understand us. You know what? They don’t understand you because you’re not communicating clearly. Yeah, it’s as simple as that. Jay teaches communication skills through dance, particularly west coast swing and blues, and he’s all...

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Free your mind with Ben Gerbrecht

If you think 50,000 thoughts a day (or 70,000 or 12,000, depending on where you look), how many of those thoughts are useful and how many are you wasting on things that don’t matter? Ben Gerbrecht is deep into figuring out life stuff, particularly the mind-body connection or how what you think affects how you feel. He’s a practical goal-setter who practices the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and meditation to help him set and reach his goals. It’s helped him become more confident (definitely a requirement for his stand-up comedy!), less reactive, and more in control of how to goes...

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Finding the right career starts with finding yourself with Saran Ekambaram

Careers are more than just the work you do. For millennials like you and I, our careers must have meaning. We live in an age where we resist settling—in careers, in relationships, in places. We seek deeper meaning, we want to make an impact. We want to do something that makes our 50+ years of working 40-hour weeks seem worth it. In this episode of the Own Up Grown-Up podcast, I talk to a friend who loves to learn. More than that, he’s learned how to learn. If that’s confusing, thinking about it this way: some of us go...

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