Month: May 2017

Travel, humility, and making friends in new places with MJ Sacco

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill, travel writer and founding editor of Outside magazine One of the blessings of globalization and affordable travel is the friends you make from all over the world. People with completely different backgrounds find each other through common interests, and thanks to the internet, can easily stay in touch. For those who choose to embrace all that travel offers, there’s a lot to be gained, as MJ Sacco—who has been to 30 countries in 29 years—shares in this podcast episode, part 2 of our conversation. (Listen to part...

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See the world in a different way with MJ Sacco

Picture an epic summer camping trip in southern Germany, sharing stories, good food, and fine beverages with a group of friends hailing from all over the world. For these few days of woodsy bliss, you’re together and all the memories of the past 10 years come flooding back. That’s what guest MJ Sacco will be doing as part of his round-the-world trip this year. MJ’s been to 20 countries in his young 29 years and he’s gathering friends he’s met on his journeys in Germany for a 10-year reunion. But friends from all walks of life aren’t all that travel...

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Sleep tips to help you have sweet dreams

Canadians and Americans tie for third worst sleepers worldwide. Are you one of them? I have been. I’ve had nights where I wake up dripping sweat, nights where I can’t get to sleep because my mind won’t shut down, nights where I wake up three hours before my alarm goes off and can’t get back to sleep. I didn’t think it was bad. I thought it was normal. And then I spent a week away on a little Canadian island and I slept. Hard. I woke up every morning refreshed, energized—I didn’t even want coffee! I was able to focus...

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So you want to be a freelance writer? Find out what it’s really like with Laura Pennington

Do you dream of lounging on the beach while making millions from your laptop? Would you like to do that by writing? Start today! If you read an ad with those lines, click away immediately. Not because it isn’t possible, but because it’s not really what freelance writing is like at all. That said, freelance writing can be an amazing career for the right person. And that’s what Laura Pennington, a writer and freelance writing coach, and I talk about in this episode of the Own Up Grown-Up podcast. I think a lot of people hold back because there’s...

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