Month: July 2017

Life, goals and finding your purpose with Lisa Michaud

Your purpose changes over time. At least that’s what Lisa Michaud thinks (I kind of agree). I’ve talked to several podcast guests about purpose: what it is, how to find it, what to do when you find it. There’s a trend: your purpose often stems from some pain you experienced. We want to solve problems we understand deeply. Makes sense. In this Own Up Grown-Up podcast episode, Lisa Michaud and I talk about purpose, goal-setting, and how to overcome your fear of change. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make the right decision instead...

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Lisa Michaud gets a wake-up call

Sometimes, making a big change requires a big wake-up call. That’s what happened to Lisa Michaud, millennial on the move. She had a great career, was building a mini real-estate empire…and then her doctor gave her some news (lung cancer) that shocked her into action. Lisa decided to give up her job, move to Vancouver, BC and pursue a new life. What would it take for you to go after something you really want to do? Lisa and I talk about that and more in this episode of the Own Up Grown-Up podcast.   Whenever people said things or...

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Angela Coté on how you can fly your plane while you’re still building it

One of the biggest differences I’ve observed in people has nothing to do with race or sexual preferences and has everything to do with their attitude. There are those who relinquish control and act defeated and powerless, and there are those who experiment and work hard to figure out how to get what they want, regardless of their circumstances. Angela Coté could have had everything handed to her. She’s the daughter of a very successful Canadian entrepreneur (her dad started M&M Meat Shops, which has over 400 locations across Canada), but she’s worked hard to carve her own path....

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Miles Garvey’s cool idea: a social advertising network

Advertising is expensive, m’kay? I should know—my work as a copywriter is largely around advertising businesses. That’s why when Miles Garvey told me about his idea to create a social advertising, or social referral, network I thought, “oh, cool!” and “shit!” at the same time. What could this mean for the future of small business advertising? And he’s built it all in his after-work hours, which to me says he’s really serious. In this podcast, Miles explains the platform a little more, including why he decided to create it. You gotta want it, because if you don’t want it...

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