Month: October 2017

How to Travel and Work (and Still be Productive)

Saving $5,000 for a two-week vacation can be really hard—I tried and failed at that for many years. And traveling internationally from Canada or the US is expensive (unless you’re okay wasting three-four days doing milk-run flights). Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go away for longer and continue making money while abroad? I’ve been traveling and working in Spain for two weeks now. I’m writing this post from Ronda, Spain. Ronda is what I dreamed Spain would be like when I started booking flights: beautiful architecture with multi-layered history, breathtaking scenery, tapas and cheap, but good, wine. This...

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Three Ways You Can Work Remotely

Flexibility, travel, more interesting employment opportunities—these are a few of the main reasons people decide to work remotely. Sixty-eight percent of workers in the US say they expect to work more remotely in the future. More companies are offering remote opportunities, which I’ve boiled down into three models. 1. Digital Nomad Digital nomads work from their computer while traveling. They may or may not have a home base, but typically they spend most of their time on the road. Some run their own web-based businesses, freelance or work for a company that provides flexible schedule and location options. In 2017,...

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