Author: Rikki Ayers

The Challenges and Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer, with Nadia Eldemerdash

When you’re just one of many aspiring writers trying to find an available foothold in the climb to Writing for a Living status, it can help to diversify your skillset. Nadia Eldemerdash really liked the idea of being an author when she was young. As many young aspiring writers do, she studied journalism in college, where her interests in current events, politics, and popular culture grew. She’s worked in public relations and in the newsroom, and now is a freelance writer and editor who writes her own blog and creates online writing and communication courses on the side. She’s...

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Blogging for business with Imogen Lamport

Imogen Lamport was blogging before she knew it was called blogging. While that’s not all she does, blogging is a creative outlet she can earn money from, and in the past nine years she hasn’t run out of things to say. She’s also met people all over the world through blogging. In this episode of the Own Up Grown-Up podcast, Imogen and I talk about how to use blogging for business. From our chat, you’ll learn: Why blogging is great for introverts. Different ways to earn money from a blog. What it takes to get people’s attention and grow...

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Announcing the remote work miniseries

One thing working from home has made me really good at is working fast. I just finished editing five podcasts, all part of a miniseries I’m excited to announce—the Remote Work Miniseries! Over the next couple of months you’ll hear from freelancers, other remote workers, and small business owners who decided to ditch their traditional office job for something more flexible and interesting. You’ll hear stories about… How to start making money from blogging And how one woman launched a freelance writing career and fell in love with analyzing pop culture An interview from my trip to Spain with...

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Can you save money working from home?

Gas prices are going up and you’re trying to justify the cost of your commute. You think, if I didn’t have to do this commute I’d save tons! Can you save money working from home? If you work from home and don’t require a car to meet with clients or coworkers, then yes you will save money that you previously spent on gas. Your car insurance may also decrease if you use your car less frequently. Actually, do you even need a car? Maintaining that thing and paying for parking costs money you’ll never get back! You can rent...

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The Internet Makes Ditching Your 9-5 Look Easy. Why Isn’t Everyone Doing it, Then?

Scrolling through Instagram, you might think the entrepreneurial or remote employee life looks like a real-world version of utopia. Exotic locations, sleeping in, freedom, wealth…but all is not as it seems. If ditching your 9-5 was as easy as it looks on social media, then more people would be doing it. Let’s look at why they’re not. Quitting a reliable full-time job is scary The one good thing about your full-time office gig is that you know what to expect every day. You have a routine, you know when you get paid, you know your team and understand its...

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