Author: Rikki Ayers

Get smart with your money with Ben Van Dyke

How’s your relationship with money these days? Money is a touchy subject for many people. We don’t like talking about how much money we make, spend, or save. It touches on our feelings of self-worth and, I’d wager, a lot of us really don’t know what’s going on with our money beyond the paycheque that arrives in our bank accounts every two weeks. Plus, it can be really tough to find good information out there! If you want to achieve financial independence and reach life goals like buying a home without going into piles of debt, you have to...

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Find your path and go for it with Quinn Abbey

Friends, it’s almost March! How are those New Years resolutions holding up? It’s around now when we stop going to the gym, juicing, writing in our gratitude journals, and saving that extra $50 every week for vacation. You hit a wall where things start to feel hard, uncomfortable, or boring. Before you pick up your keys to run to McDonalds, listen to today’s podcast episode with Quinn Abbey, a yoga instructor and Desire Map facilitator who approaches goal-setting in a holistic and achievable way. It can be scary. It is scary. It’s different and it’s easier to be comfortable, for...

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Practical advice for prioritizing health with Danielle Daem

Trying to accomplish major life goals without feeling your best is tough. Health is essential to our feelings of well-being and confidence. In this podcast episode Nutrition and Wellness Coach Danielle Daem shares her ideas for simplifying the way you approach health goals. We are constantly being bombarded by advertisements and social queues and different things in our daily lives that tell us to be confused. And then they offer us the solution like, ‘I’ll fix it by taking this pill or doing this diet’, or, ‘You’ll be healed, I can help you’. But, when it really comes down to health and getting to...

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Choosing to cook with Monique Nelson

How often do you cook your own food? If one of your New Years resolutions this year is to eat healthier and develop a better relationship with food, then this podcast episode is for you! Monique Nelson, who runs Choose to Cook, joins me in this episode to talk about the importance of knowing what you’re eating and also why she decided to go vegan. I really believe that what you put in your body is incredibly important but how you use your body and how you treat yourself is also incredibly important and changes your life and how...

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Listen to the NEW Own Up Grown-Up Podcast!

How great does it feel to finally press publish on something you’ve been working on FOREVER? So great. The Own Up Grown-Up Podcast is here ladies and gents! If you’re new to Own Up Grown-Up, here’s the quick backstory. About mid-2016, I was on “vacation” thinking about what I could do to make the world a better place. I had just gone through a major year of growth. I left my corporate gig to start my own business, which was a thrill, but something was missing. Sure, I was doing good work that I enjoyed, I had some great...

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