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Work Anywhere

Do work you love, where you love to be.

Many jobs can be done with a laptop and a wifi connection. A lot of amazing organizations are catching on, and offering flexible schedules and location-independent jobs. You can live in the great wide open and enjoy it too!

Learn how to start a location-independent career, find remote and freelance jobs, see how to set up a portable home office, and read and hear about people already doing this all over the world.

Bend the rules. Create a rad life. Become a remote renegade.

Is remote work right for you?

"Work from Home (or Anywhere)" is an eguide created to help you transition from location-stuck to location independent.

I walk you through everything you need to know to get started, including:

  • Where to find work you can do anywhere (like a Spanish tapas bar or by the river in a provincial park—I've worked in all kinds of places!).
  • How to set your portable home office up.
  • What tools you need to learn how to use to communicate well with a team online.
  • The hard stuff no one else really talks about...and how to avoid it all!

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Everything you need to work from home

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