Work from Home (or Anywhere)



Do your best work when and where you work best. Live anywhere. Dress code: whatever you feel like.



68% of US workers expect to work remotely in the future

Will you join them?

Whether you want to raise a family while furthering your career, travel indefinitely without credit card debt, move out of the city but still have access to good jobs, working from home (or anywhere) allows you the freedom to redefine your idea of what your work-life balance is.

Learn a new way of working that:

gives you uninterrupted time to do your best work…

gives you the freedom to work from places that inspire you, like coffee shops or Tahiti…

gives you the option to live where you want, work how you want, and live a life that doesn’t revolve around your job.

What you’ll get from this guide

Working from home might sound as easy as quitting your job and buying a laptop. There’s a lot people don’t tell you about working from home, though.

You’ll not only get tons of practical information, but real-life stories about what it’s like to work from home, including the stuff that one else tells you…

Like how lonely it can get sometimes. Or, how hard it is to ignore people who think you’re always available. Also, why it’s important to put real pants on sometimes—but just sometimes.

There is a huge transition going from robotic office employee to freedom-loving remote worker. This guide will prepare you and walk you through how to overcome challenges along the way.

You’ll also learn how:

  • to convince your boss of the benefits of remote work;
  • skills you need to work from home;
  • to become a time management master;
  • to make work fun again!
  • and so much more…

I have worked from home in some form or another for ten years! I’ve been a freelancer, a full-time office employee who worked at home part-time, a small business owner, and now a full-time remote worker—I can work from wherever I want!

It is freeing. And it can be a catalyst to all kinds of positive change in your life.

As more and more companies jump on the remote work bandwagon, now is the time to gain experience and help lead the way.


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Are you all in?

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