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Café Etiquette for Remote Workers

Café etiquette is key to keeping your neighbourhood coffee shop open to hosting tables of remote workers on laptops. When you work remotely, whether that’s from home or when travelling, cafés become a second home. The ambient noise helps you concentrate, the coffee keeps you typing a million miles a minute, and when you’re used to working on your own it’s just nice to be around a room full of happily caffeinated people. Oh, and coffee smells good. So good. Sipping great coffee and cleaning out the ol’ email inbox….for the first time in weeks! #FridayFeeling #coffee #victoriabc #yyj #remotework...

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Working remotely and housesitting: the perfect pair

Housesitting is the perfect side gig for remote workers. Working from a hostel or Airbnb can be a bit of a nightmare—bad wifi, drunk girls giggling and slamming doors at 3 a.m., an uncomfortable twin size bed you spend half your night trying not to roll out of…it’s just not for me. I’ve stayed in some cool Airbnbs and hotels, but traveling this way can get expensive and you might still be without laundry and a kitchen. Plus, if you’re all by yourself, it can be lonely. Why not spend a week looking after someone’s fur-babies while enjoying the comforts...

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Peter Hofmann Rytter on Defining Your Dream and Working Remotely

People that tell things as they are are THE BEST. As I was researching for “Work from Home (or Anywhere)”, I read a lot of content about remote work as being the next revolution in working, how it’s the best thing any company could offer, etc. They left a lot out. And don’t get me wrong, working from home is great. But, I think it’s irresponsible to give an unbalanced, rosy view. You should know as much as you can before you dive in headfirst, like whether there’s a jagged rock or a shark waiting underneath the surface. I...

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Find a remote work schedule that works, with Angela Hathaway

I miss the warm, salty Mediterranean and good espresso right now. I miss the feeling of waking up in a new city, excited about finding a new café with those delectable little cinnamon biscotti, while listening to people around speak a language I’m only just starting to understand. Spain. If you haven’t been yet, why? I met Angela Hathaway my first week in Spain. We stayed at Sun and Co. coworking/coliving space in Javea, a postcard-beautiful beach town on the south coast of Spain. It was like staying in hostel for grown-ups. During the day, busy remote workers and entrepreneurs...

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The Challenges and Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer, with Nadia Eldemerdash

When you’re just one of many aspiring writers trying to find an available foothold in the climb to Writing for a Living status, it can help to diversify your skillset. Nadia Eldemerdash really liked the idea of being an author when she was young. As many young aspiring writers do, she studied journalism in college, where her interests in current events, politics, and popular culture grew. She’s worked in public relations and in the newsroom, and now is a freelance writer and editor who writes her own blog and creates online writing and communication courses on the side. She’s...

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