I’m glad we connected on Twitter.

Social media can be surprisingly isolating. Yes, we may follow each other, but how well do we know each other?

I’ll start…

I’m a writer (sometimes podcaster) who joined Twitter because I’m also a news-junkie. In October, I was in Barcelona, Spain, heading back to my hotel when I noticed police cars everywhere flashing their lights. Two helicopters criss-crossed overhead and I could hear loud voices down the street. My Spanish is not great, so I ran up the stairs to my little room with a window overlooking the commotion and hopped on Twitter to see what was going on. No other news sources were yet covering what became a huge street protest (thankfully, a peaceful one, but there were no guarantees at the time!). So thanks to Twitter, I slept that night without too much worry (I did have a couple of glasses of wine to calm my nerves though).

Do you have a Twitter story?

I was in Spain, solo-traveling and working on an eguide called “Work from Home (or Anywhere)” which helps office workers escape the commute for the freedom and flexibility of working remotely. You can get the first chapter for free below:

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